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April 26, 2016

BACK TO BASICS IN OUTSOURCING Part 2: How to properly build a service catalogue for an outsourcing contract?

CONTENT: What is the construction of an SLA agreement? What are differences between SLA and KPI? How to properly build a service catalogue for outsourcing? – please read our second article of „Back to Basics in outsourcing” series.


The subject of the first part of our series concerned issues, which are commonly regarded as the essence of outsourcing, i.e. a description of the quality of services delivered by an outsourcer – SLA/KPI models. As my experiences revealed, despite the fact that almost each manager associates outsourcing with SLA and KPI terms, barely anyone can properly answer the question about the differences between SLA and KPI. What is more, there [...]

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October 27, 2015

Mega outsourcing contracts – some key advice (Poland)

Piotr Rutkowski, SourceOne Advisory

The Polish outsourcing services market has been around for almost two decades and perhaps now we can finally say that it has become a mature market. There is however one important issue that continues to distinguish us from more developed countries in the area of outsourcing (ex. the USA, Great Britain). This issue is our small experience in regard to so-called “mega-contracts”. The value of these agreements is usually in the hundreds of millions of PLN and aside from outsourcing services,they also cover the building of special financial models to settle services, taking over large groups of employees, and the buyout by the outsourcer of [...]

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