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November 25, 2015

Quality in Software Outsourcing – a multiple-variable equation

Ensuring quality is likely to be the most frequently voiced concern behind companies’ reluctance to outsource software development – especially when it comes to non-technical organizations, who find it difficult to spare the internal technical resources needed to assess quality on all levels. Still, a through technical understanding is by no means mandatory to insure excellence with your software outsourcing. While it can be naturally intimidating for ‘first-timers’, collaboration success depends largely on variables that are out in the open, making the quality equation solvable, once you know what you’re looking for. Let’s break these down into the most important points.

Honesty [...]
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July 30, 2015

Gartner Says India Still the Number one destination

Attractive Cost Structures in the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia Create Tough Competition for India, While China Remains the Most Prominent Challenger in Terms of Scale

Gartner, Inc. has identified the Top 30 countries for globally sourced activities in 2010-11, each one rated according to 10 criteria*, and found that eight new countries have made their debut in the Top 30.

Many organizations that choose to move IT services to lower-cost countries are daunted by the task of determining which country (or countries) would best host their operations. Gartner has conducted an analysis of these countries to assess their capabilities and potential as [...]

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