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November 17, 2016

Nordic Tech Startups are on Fire

Nordic Tech is on fire – almost 10% of global BUSD exits over past 10 years To understand the market that we operate in Creandum maintains a comprehensive exit database that we update on a continuous basis. Every year we analyze the data and summarize our findings in a report (Creandum Nordic Exit Analysis 2015) to communicate the in and outs of the Nordic tech eco-system and to see how the Nordics stacks up against Europe, US and the rest of the world. We do this partly for our own sake but more importantly we do it to promote our impressive tech scene to help attract even more capital, entrepreneurs and talent to the Nordic region.

2014 was a massive year for Nordic tech [...]

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November 16, 2016

Great News for Finland as they rank number 1 in the Nordic Tech & Startup Scenes

Finland is the place to be for ICT

Finland stands out as the top country in ICT, according to the European Commission Digital Economy and Society Index

Finland stood out as the top country for information and communications technology (ICT), according to February’s European Commission Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI).

Relatively speaking, Finland’s ICT sector is bigger than that of its European peers – and no country can match the Finns for advanced IT skills.

It is a country where 2.2% of graduates under 30 hold a degree in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects, compared with 1.9% in Denmark and 1.6% in [...]

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November 11, 2016

Five CIO tips for working with Nordic IT Startups

CIOs share their experiences and advice about how to work with tech startups as part of their technology strategy

IT leaders are under increasing pressure to find new sources of innovation. With creativity seen as key competitive differentiator, CIOs are being charged to help find new solutions to intractable business challenges, including from the startup community. With evidence suggesting that the Nordic countries are fast becoming the tech startup silicon valley of europe, what better place to start then the Nordics.

So how can CIOs benefit from working with fast-growing firms and what’s the best way to use their expertise? Computer Weekly speaks to five IT leaders [...]

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November 3, 2016

Technology and automation has created more jobs than lost

Over the past fifteen years, technology has seen to the loss of a range of low paid jobs in the UK, with a relatively large increase in higher paying positions. According to projections in a new Deloitte article, there is an upward trend in job creation due to automated technologies. Deloitte claims that this technology-driven shift has already created nearly four times more jobs than have been lost, and has brought considerable additional value to the UK’s economy.

According to a poll – held by the Future Foundation research agency on behalf of Infosys – 45% of young Britons between the age of 16 – 25 believe technology will imminently replace them in the workforce due [...]

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