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October 3, 2017

Nordic Tech Events 2017

JANUARY January 30th, Health2B Demo Day -feature nine startups who will present new solutions for improved healthcare. Organised by Health2B Connected Health Accelerator — SmiLe Incubator — Healthy Habits — Lean Forward — Medicon Village — Business Incubation 2020. Takes place in Lund, Sweden

FEBRUARY February 7th-8th, Connect2Capital -offers growth companies, investors and other actors in funding the ideal place to meet in an efficient and inspiring way. The forum is featuring emerging technology companies across various streams such as ICT Industry, Life Sciences Technology and more. Takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden. February 9, Media Honeypot -bring together media houses [...]

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November 20, 2016

Slush Event Nordics

Here in our HQ hometown of Helsinki its a time when many of us get ourselves ready for an epic experience. For many tech fanatics throughout the land a billowing surge of excitement takes us over as we anticipate Europe’s largest tech startup event. You guessed it folks, it’s slush time!

For those of us reading this that are unfamiliar with Slush, its Europe’s largest tech startup event and we at NordicIT always get excited about it, a place we can meet and greet like minded movers and shakers from the world of tech. We relish in the excellent talks and panel discussions focused on disruption and innovation and we always leave with an address book full of [...]

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November 19, 2016

Best Nordic Tech Startup Event

The Nordic Tech Startup Scene is absolutely booming and perhaps we can thank Slush partly for that

We have had the pleasure of reporting as media at Slush in the past Here’s a link next to their site ->Slush Event

We have been very impressed with the management of such a large event and what really stuck out to us was the mobile app they use, developed by a local Finnish developer Qvik, here’s a link to their site ->QVICK

When you go to an event, its great to have a mobile app that works, especially with large events like this, however, often they only provide you with a few simple social features or a snapshot of the agenda. Qvik have really done a great [...]

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November 19, 2016

Nordic Tech Events


Nordic Health Technology & eHealth Forum, Helsinki, Finland @NHTEF (Jan 13-15, 2016) Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN, Stockholm, Sweden @NBForumHQ (Jan 16, 2017)


Norwegian Crowdfunding Event 2016, Oslo, Norway (Feb 2, 2016) Connect2Capital, Gothenburg, Sweden #con2cap (Feb 2-3, 2016) Utmessan, Reykjavik, Iceland @UTmessan (Feb 5-6, 2016) Polar Bear Pitching Oulo, Finland @PolarBearPitch (Feb 10-11, 2016) Recap from 2016 event Riga Venture Summit (Feb 9, 2017), Riga, Latvia TechChill Baltics, Riga, Latvia @TechChill (Feb 11, 2016) (Feb 9-10, 2017) – Ten takeaways from TechChill Baltics 2016 By Startup Estonia and A recap of TechChill [...]

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