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September 18, 2016

Its a win win: Enterprise, Government and Nordic Tech Startup Partnerships

What reasons are there for Nordic tech startups to partner with a large Enterprise or Government and vice versa?

The Nordics have been leading the way in the innovation indexes for many years. It is a region ripe with some of the best talent found anywhere with a tech and engineering focus, and it’s the tech focus in the region that makes it a winning place to partner with rising Nordic tech superstars! Being a big advocate for the phrase “without data you are just another person with an opinion”, let’s look at the data to back up this statement. The following images and data sets have been drawn from a report made by Creandum

Average total of [...]

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May 29, 2015

Nordic IT Startup News and Awards highlight region’s next wave of innovation

Nordic startups celebrated at annual awards ceremony, but where next for the region’s fledgling IT firms?

Startup businesses and individual talent were recognised at the final of the 2015 Nordic Startup Awards (NSAs), with educational and social technologies picks of the prize winners.

The competition started by finding national winners across 10 categories from each of the five Nordic nations. Those that were successful in their locale were added to shortlists for the regional awards – and then battled it out at the grand final in Helsinki on 27 May.

In excess of 13,000 public votes were cast all around the world, acknowledging the individual investors, [...]

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