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September 27, 2015

Why it’s important for IT leaders to be social CIOs

Kenny MacIver – September 2015

In an era of exponential change, government IT leaders need to use social media to stimulate a dialogue with — and draw ideas from — the public, says Dr David Bray, CIO of the US Federal Communications Commission.

Even more than their counterparts in business, today’s public sector CIOs should regard engagement on social media as a vital part in their new armoury rather than a source of professional risk — not just to communicate the challenges their organizations’ face, but to tap into innovative thinking and to project the successes of their teams.

“It’s important to be a social CIO,” argues Dr David Bray, CIO at the Federal [...]

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July 17, 2015

Outsourcing Leadership – Internal or External?

One of the newest additions to the HfS family is Brian Robinson. Born in Ohio, raised in Florida, educated in Florida and Virginia, Brian was living in the UK when we started talking to him about working for us. In fact, he was renting my London flat, so I was guaranteed he’d give the place a good clean when he moved out to embark on his Italian adventure.

He’s now based in Rome, where he’s starting to learn the language. Give him a few more weeks and he’ll be ordering the Pasta alla Carbonara in the local tongue, while explaining it’ll be far easier to outsource Berlusconi than trying to lock him into a captive.  Hmmm… maybe CNN can sign him up for a double-act with Elliot [...]

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July 17, 2015

Does outsourcing ease the leadership burden?

Think outsourcing eases leadership burdens? Think again.

A company decides to implement some packaged software to streamline their financing operations. They decide to outsource the work. The company does a great job working through a disciplined process to define requirements, solicit bids, evaluate vendors, finalize the scope of work, and negotiate the contract.

They hire a brand name consulting company to make it happen. The project seems to be humming along when the projects hits a wall, in what they thought were its final two months. It turns out that the users hate the software and for the next eight months, the project devolves into senior leaders “encouraging” [...]

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