The ITOSDA conduct cutting edge research into challenges and priorities within both buyer and supplier sector verticals. From survey based research and development to market intelligence reports, NordicIT is constantly developing and collating precious research and intelligence to support the IT and outsourcing community in its pursuit of best practice.

Current Research

In line with its flagship NCMS2017 the NordicIT association is concentrating its research and developoment efforts on Data Protection and Privacy.
We are currently living in the so-called information age which can be described as an era were economic activities are mainly information based (an age of informationalization). This is due to the development and use of technology.

The Challenge

This paradigm shift brings new ethical and juridical problems which are mainly related to issues such as the right of access to information, the right of privacy which is threatened by the emphasis on the free flow of information, and the protection of the economic interest of the owners of intellectual property.
Definition of Privacy
Privacy can be defined as an individual condition of life characterized by exclusion from publicity (Neetling et al., 1996, p. 36). The concept follows from the right to be left alone (Stair, 1992, p. 635; Shank, 1986, p. 12)1 . Shank (1986, p. 13) states that such a perception of privacy set the course for passing of privacy laws in the United States for the ninety years that followed. As such privacy could be regarded as a natural right which provides the foundation for the legal right. The right to privacy is therefore protected under private law.


Key Research

Private communications. This category of privacy concerns all forms of personal communication which a person wishes to keep private. The information exchanged during a reference interview between the user and the information professional can be seen as an example.

Personal information. Personal information refers to those categories of information which refer to only that specific person, for example bibliographic (name, address) and financial information. This type of information is of relevance to all categories of information professionals.

Information about one’s possessions. This information is closely related to property right. According to this a person does have control over the information which relates to personal possessions in certain instances. For example, a person may keep private the information about the place where a wallet is kept.

Hardware and Software. Is it possible to truly secure data without the need for hardware?


Security Research 2016

The ITOSDA embark on a Nordic Wide Research: Best practice mitigation of Social Engineering and People Centered Security. Research focus: Cyberpsychology and The Human Factor, How the online environment influences online behaviour, and how this can create vulnerabilities to social engineering.

The Nordic IT Association is conducting survey and interview based research to ultimately create a best practice framework on Social Engineering Prevention and Executive Education.

Innovation Research: The Innovation Monitor (2016 completed)

(Completed and available for Download)

The Challenge:

The outsourcing industry is yet up for a new challenge: to understand how innovation can be realized from outsourcing engagements. While innovation has been explored and prized within businesses for decades, it is a relatively new topic in the context of outsourcing. And as such, the outsourcing industry is still struggling with key questions such as: What innovation in outsourcing is? What capabilities clients and vendors need to develop? And how its strategic and operational impact should be measured? These questions refer to both client firms and vendors as both sides attempt to shape the conditions upon which innovation in outsourcing can and will be achieved.

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Market Intelligence

Nordic IT’s “top 50 top 10″ is a primary sourced data driven intelligence report that determines the top buying priorities of Nordic organizations on an annual basis. Data is collated and produced into an “intelligence report” giving insight into the top buying priorities throughout the Nordic region.

Market Intelligence Report: Nordic IT Outsourcing buying priorities report 2016

Market Intelligence Report: Nordic IT Security buying priorities report 2016