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September 27, 2015

How cloud brings agility to public sector IT

Kenny MacIver – September 2015

Dr David Bray, CIO of the US’s Federal Communications Commission, on the challenges of taking public sector IT into the cloud.

Cloud is part of a journey to agile, resilient and less complex IT. But, says David Bray, one of the US’s leading government CIOs, it’s a journey that is only at its start.

Like an increasing number of organizations, the US’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has embraced cloud in a big way in the last 18 months — and for good reason. “During the 1990s and early 2000s, we made a lot of investment in client/server. That was good for that period, however, the challenge is that client/server has now [...]

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July 28, 2015

VMware CIO Tony Scott Interview

VMware’s CIO, Tony Scott, claims that he is changing the way that the virtualisation giant works, having deployed an “IT-as-a-service model”. “It means that anything new I want to do shows up as a new service. I think it will allow for more of a rapid adoption of new technologies compared to the old traditional hardware siloed model,” he says. Further reading Up-skill or lose out – VMware CIO Tony Scott’s advice to employees Kent Council claims it will save £2.5m after moving to VDI with VMware VMware: vCloud Hybrid Service ‘can be seen as a competitive threat’ to partners ‘We’re in the midst of the most disruptive, dramatic [...]

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