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July 21, 2015

Saving the outsourcing industry through design thinking


Most of the outsourcing industry is still trying to figure out what’s possible beyond doing labor arbitrage really well – because that’s what we do. Sorry, but there I said it – we officially have an identity crisis.

We’re trying to forge a new identity for ourselves and re-imagine what our careers, our services and our platforms could be like if we only figured out how we can define, prioritize and realize business outcomes that are valuable, as opposed to merely keeping the same old factory ticking over at the lowest possible cost.

Sexy robotics software, analytics tools, BPaaS platforms and artificial intelligence can only be effective and impactful [...]

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July 21, 2015

Design Thinking ­ Visualizing your innovation roadmap through IT outsourcing in 4D

Building innovation into our business operations and processes as a concept has been a top priority for organizations throughout the world for decades. Lean and dynamic management and organizational models have emerged to become key enablers in the pursuit of innovation, monumental growth and overall business success. As our experience with these management styles grows, so does the applicability of the methodologies for Outcome Based Design Thinking in order to create organisational structures that catalyse innovation, both from the standpoint of business strategy as well as product design and service delivery. From this perspective, it is becoming clear that the emergence of Design [...]

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